Social Media Communications Guidelines


Your Management Committee is continually striving to improve communications to members through the vast array of social media – website, email, multiple text service, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We recognise that Facebook and Twitter are used by many members and can generate a useful debating and information forum. Many of you will be aware we have our own Facebook members group and also individual team groups, that are managed by Captains.

However, as is being recognised in other areas of society, when comments are “posted” in a public environment, care needs to be taken to ensure that any comments do not cause offence to other members, especially bearing in mind the Club Facebook groups are accessed by junior members.

The Management Committee has therefore decided to issue guidelines to members for comments posted on the Club Facebook groups, or any other social media postings. These guidelines are not intended to restrict a member’s ability to voice opinions on matters regarding the Club, or debates on issues that may arise within the Club. On the contrary the Management Committee actively encourage such opinions and debates to gauge the forward direction of the Club. However, the guidelines have been developed to ensure that communication is appropriate and does not cause offence.

We would welcome any feedback on the content of the guidelines, suggested amendments, or even comments on why the Management Committee has introduced these guidelines.


These guidelines are intended to cover Leek HC initiated social media groups, including those for individual groups within the Club. All members of Leek Hockey Club are expected to adhere to these guidelines.

1. Any comments posted on a public domain website or social media account should not cause offence to any individual or group within or outside Leek HC. Members should be particularly aware that Club groups are accessed by junior members and their parents, and that the Club has its own Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy which can be viewed on the Club website.

2. The Club social media accounts are managed, administered and monitored by the Communication Officers/s on behalf of the Management Committee – any action undertaken by the Communication Officer/s is agreed upon and supported by the Management Committee.

3. Members are reminded they are subject to the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour, which contains an appendix on Disrepute Offences. Members should refrain from critical comments regarding umpires and opposition teams, which could render themselves or the Club to a charge under the above code. The Code can be viewed on under the Governing Body section

4. A member who objects to any comments published on a Leek HC social media group, should, in the first instance, report the matter to the Communications Officer/s, rather than engage in debate, which may cause further offence. (Details of Communications Officers are published on the Club website).

- The Club will investigate and respond with 7 days, however if the nature of the complaint requires further consideration, it will be discussed at the next Management Meeting (held on a monthly basis).
- Dependent upon the nature of the complaint, the Communication Offers may impose an interim ‘mute’ to restrict further commenting until the matter has been discussed at a Management Meeting.
- The outcome of any complaint or breach of these Social Media Guidelines will be communicated via letter or face to face meeting. If a complaint is upheld or a breach of these Guidelines is agreed by the Management Committee, the consequences could include; restriction of permissions e.g. muting and/or either temporary or permanent exclusion from Club social media groups.
- Members are reminded of the Club Rules, and that any matter reported to the Management Committee is subject to Rule 4 of the Club Rules: The Management Committee shall be at liberty to expel from membership any member whose conduct shall in the opinion of two thirds of the Management Committee at a management meeting, upon the complaint of a member of the club, be considered objectionable. Any member so reported will be given the opportunity to respond before expulsion.
- The Communication Officer/s may remove any comments that have been identified as breaching these Social Media Guidelines or are subject to a complaint.

5. Members should ensure any comments or views are correct in fact before being published.

- If a Member is not sure of factual comment contained in a social media debate we would encourage the Member to contact the Communication Officer/s, who will clarify any Club policy or procedures through a private media source, e.g. email/private message. If a member disagrees with any club policy or procedure they are free to do so to encourage debate in a reasonable manner, within the terms of the guidelines.

6. Applications to join the private Club Facebook group will be reviewed and approved/rejected by the Communications Officer/s and the Management Committee.

- Regular reviews of the membership of the Club groups will be undertaken by the Communication Officer/s and Management Committee, to ensure that the groups consist of the relevant members and that communications can be communicated effectively.